B360 is a new non-profit in West Baltimore that aims to decrease the STEM education divide and incarceration rates for black men and boys by using dirt bike culture to enhance education, community engagement, and workforce pipelining. B360 advocates for safe riding spaces in the city because it's technically illegal. 
Over the course of 4 months, I worked with the founder to craft a brand and business strategy. We established core values for the organization: educational and revolutionary. 
Our goal was to create a visual design that appealed to children, while still maintaining professionalism. In addition to visuals shown here, I helped work on the website (though they have made changes themselves over time) and professional templates using the visual elements.

Brittany wanted business cards that would stand out, yet still make her look like a serious professional, especially while fundraising.

Small visual elements help the brand feel playful, yet provide cohesion around the logo and brand's visual imagery.

A t-shirt for a brand with kids was a must!

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