In this series of photographs, Rebecca, a flamenco dancer who performs in Parque del Retiro, Madrid is the star. She captures the attention of tourists and madrileños alike with her elegant dance moves and her striking focus. 
The 5 photo portrait series focuses on different poses: action, close up, environment, candid, and point of view.
Capturing this series was incredibly difficult because of the crowds. I purposefully chose not to show them in the photos because they were a distraction from the focus on Rebecca. As well, Rebecca did not pose for any of these photographs; rather, I took them all while she was dancing. Action photography is wonderful and fun, yet a challenge to portray entirely for a portrait series, especially because I could not ask her to repeat a specific pose in order to reshoot if I did not like the first take. 
All photos are shot at high shutter speeds and a large aperture in order to prevent any motion blur and to accurately capture the energy and action of Rebeca’s movements. 
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