During the 2024 San Francisco Climate Week, Amareux Rodriguez and I co-facilitated a panel and design workshop focusing on ocean and coastal resilience solutions and value of data 🌊
Quick Video Recap
In March, Amareux and I realized that there we no ocean-related events on the SF Climate Week agenda. We knew that there was a need for this conversation, so we teamed up to host a panel and design workshop to build deeper connections with 4 activities:
1) Stakeholder Map: Who is working on ocean solutions?
2) Affinity Map: How might we connect the value of ocean data with industries to solve problems?
3) Creative Matrix: How might we increase community coastal resilience?
4) Envisioning the Future: It’s 2029 and one ocean solution made it to the newspaper cover story, everyone is celebrating! What was the headline?

We had an engaging panel with Janelle Kellman, Esq. (She/Her) - Founder of The Center for Sea Rise Solutions and Candidate for CA Lt. Governor, Andy Rapista - Ocean Storyteller and Campaign Manager, Kris May, PhD PE - CEO at Pathways Climate Institute and Daisy Ramirez Lopez - Environmental Engineer at Pathways Climate Institute; moderated by Matt Myers - Founder of CTC.

85+ ocean enthusiasts were in the room to brainstorm and collaborate!
Workshop Outputs
"This was the best, most energizing event of the week! I like that we could interact with each other." - Event Participant
"I'm leaving feeling inspired and energized to work more on ocean solutions." - Event Participant
"I want to personally thank you for facilitating such an amazing event at SF Climate Week. My interest in the ocean was piqued after watching My Octopus Teacher just a couple weeks before and attended your event to confirm my interest. It most definitely succeeded and now it’s all I’m thinking about!" - Event Participant
After gathering everyone's sticky inputs, we made digital versions of the activities to synthesize the takeaways. 
We created a Google Spreadsheet with the analysis to share with the broader community for additional input
Next Steps
Amareux and I are continuing to dive deeper into researching these topics and themes as well as providing similar workshops. 

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